Sewer Still Clogged After Snake: Solutions Revealed

If your sewer remains clogged after using a snake, the blockage may be too dense. Consider renting a power auger or seeking professional help to clear the clog.

Struggling with a persistently clogged sewer line despite snaking it? It’s a common frustration faced by many homeowners. While using a hand drain snake is a common approach to clear blockages, particularly in the kitchen or bathroom, it doesn’t always guarantee success.

There are instances when the clog is too stubborn for a hand snake to handle and requires more powerful equipment or expert assistance. This article will shed light on why your sewer line may still be clogged after using a snake and what further steps you can take to tackle the issue effectively.

Possible Causes Of Unresolved Clogging

When dealing with a stubbornly clogged sewer line that refuses to unclog even after using a snake, it’s important to explore the possible root causes of the issue. Understanding why the clog persists can help in determining the most effective solution. Below are some potential reasons why the sewer line may remain clogged despite using a snake.

Ineffective clearing methods

Ineffective Clearing Methods

Using a snake for clearing a clogged sewer line might prove to be ineffective if the clog is caused by a more stubborn obstruction, such as tree roots or a collapsed pipeline. In such cases, traditional snaking methods may not have the power or reach to completely clear the clog.

Hidden blockages

Hidden Blockages

Another possible cause of unresolved clogging is hidden blockages within the sewer line. These blockages can be challenging to detect and address using conventional snaking methods, leading to persistent clogging issues.

Grease and sludge accumulation

Grease And Sludge Accumulation

Grease and sludge accumulation within the sewer line can also contribute to unresolved clogging. Over time, these substances can build up and harden, creating a tough barrier that regular snaking may not effectively remove.

Professional Solutions For Persistent Clogs

Professional Solutions for Persistent Clogs

When faced with a persistently clogged sewer, it is crucial to explore professional solutions that can effectively address the issue. Without the proper expertise and equipment, the problem may continue to persist, causing inconvenience and potential damage. Here are some tried and tested professional solutions that can eliminate persistent clogs and ensure a smoothly functioning sewer system:

Hydro Jetting For Deep Cleaning

Hydro jetting is a highly effective method for clearing stubborn clogs and ensuring a thorough cleaning of the sewer line. This process involves using a high-pressure water stream to break through and flush out debris, grease, and other obstructions that may be causing the clog. Unlike traditional snaking methods, hydro jetting can reach deep within the pipes, effectively removing build-up and restoring proper flow.

Video Camera Inspection For Accurate Diagnosis

Video camera inspection is an invaluable tool for accurately diagnosing the cause of persistent sewer clogs. By inserting a specialized camera into the sewer line, professionals can visually inspect the interior of the pipes, identifying blockages, damage, or other issues that may be contributing to the clog. This precise diagnosis enables targeted solutions, ensuring that the problem is effectively addressed without unnecessary guesswork.

Expert Recommendations And Execution

Engaging the expertise of professionals for sewer clogs ensures that you receive expert recommendations tailored to your specific situation. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they can provide insights into the underlying causes of the clog and recommend the most appropriate course of action. Additionally, professional execution of the solutions guarantees thorough and lasting results, providing peace of mind and preventing future occurrences of persistent clogs.

Alternative Diy Approaches

Alternative DIY Approaches for a Clogged Sewer

When dealing with a stubbornly clogged sewer, it’s crucial to explore alternative DIY approaches to clear the blockage and restore proper drainage. Here are a few effective methods that you can consider:

Using Enzymatic Cleaners

If you prefer a chemical-free approach, enzymatic cleaners can be a great solution. These cleaners contain live bacteria and enzymes that break down organic materials, such as hair, grease, and soap scum, which are common culprits of sewer clogs. Enzymatic cleaners can be poured directly into the drain and left to work overnight, providing a safe and eco-friendly option for clearing stubborn clogs.

Implementing Preventative Maintenance Measures

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding future sewer clogs. Regularly treating your drains with preventive solutions such as a mixture of hot water and vinegar or using a baking soda and salt combination can help to dissolve any buildup and prevent clogs from occurring. Moreover, installing drain screens can effectively trap debris, preventing them from entering the sewer system.

Seeking Professional Guidance For Diy Solutions

If your DIY attempts have been unsuccessful, it may be wise to seek professional guidance for alternative DIY solutions. Plumbing experts can offer valuable advice on effective DIY methods tailored to your specific sewer system and provide insights on advanced tools or equipment that may assist in clearing the clog.

Sewer Still Clogged After Snake: Solutions Revealed


Frequently Asked Questions For Sewer Still Clogged After Snake

How Do You Unclog A Drain If A Snake Doesn’t Work?

If a snake doesn’t work, try using a power auger or seek professional plumber help for dense clogs.

Why Is My Drain Still Clogged When I Snake It?

If your drain is still clogged after snaking, the clog may be too severe for a hand snake. You might need a power auger or professional help. Sometimes, loose screws or dirty augers can also cause the snake to be ineffective.

Can Snaking A Drain Make A Clog Worse?

Snaking a drain can worsen clogs if hard debris like tree roots or corroded pipe pieces are present, as the snake may push them further into the pipe. If a drain snake doesn’t work, a power auger or professional plumber may be needed.

Why Is My Drain So Slow After Snaking?

After snaking, if your drain is still slow, there may be remaining obstructions in the P-trap. Fill the tub drain with hot water, plug the overflow hole, and then attempt snaking again to clear the remaining blockage.


After multiple attempts to clear the clogged sewer line using a snake, it’s disheartening to find that the issue still persists. When traditional methods fail, it’s time to consult a professional plumber for a thorough inspection and effective solutions. Understanding the cause of the persistent clog is crucial to prevent future plumbing problems.

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