Sump Pump Making Noise Every Few Minutes: Troubleshooting Guide

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Is your sump pump making noise every few minutes? It may indicate a malfunction or plumbing issue.

This constant noise could be a sign of a potential problem. Sump pumps can run continually due to various reasons, such as system malfunctions or high water tables. The pump should only run as needed, but if it runs continuously for hours, it may need investigation to prevent damage.

Unusual loud noises like rattling or grinding could indicate issues with the impeller or fan and should be repaired promptly. Using rubber grommets or inspecting for clogs or stuck check valves can help reduce the noise. Ensuring the proper functioning of your sump pump is essential in maintaining a dry and safe basement.

Sump Pump Making Noise Every Few Minutes: Troubleshooting Guide


Understanding The Noise

Sump pumps can make different types of noises, indicating possible causes of the issue. If you hear loud and unusual noises, such as a rattling or grinding sound, it could indicate a problem with the impeller or fan. Additionally, a low continuous hum is normal, but if it suddenly increases in volume, it may be a sign of a stuck check valve or frozen discharge pipes. To reduce vibration sounds and motor rattling, consider using rubber grommets or investigating a stuck check valve. These issues can affect the functionality of the sump pump and should be addressed promptly to ensure proper water management in your property.

Addressing The Issue

Sump pumps can run continually for many reasons, including a malfunction in the system, a high water table, or a plumbing issue. If you can hear your pump running for hours on end, you may need to investigate and see why it is running before it burns the pump up. Normally the only sound a sump pump makes is a low continuous hum, but if it starts making loud and unusual noises, then it’s time for a repair. A rattling or grinding noise can indicate something wrong with the impeller or fan. You can also line the underside of the sump pump lid or cover with rubber grommets if the vibration is the result of the pipe striking the inside of the pump. Low humming noises from a sump pump are often completely normal. First, check the vent hole for a clog and clean it out if needed. If this doesn’t help, you may have a stuck check valve. The source of the humming sounds may be a clogged vent, stuck check valve, frozen discharge pipes, or a broken impeller.

Resolving The Problem

Sump pumps can run continually for many reasons, including a malfunction in the system, a high water table, or a plumbing issue. If your pump is making noises every few minutes, it may be time to utilize noise reduction techniques to address the issue. Repairing or replacing damaged components can also help alleviate the problem. Additionally, consider seeking professional maintenance options to ensure your sump pump operates smoothly and quietly.

When it comes to diagnosing the issue, paying attention to any unusual noises such as loud banging or grinding can indicate a need for repair. You can also consider utilizing noise reduction methods such as lining the sump pump lid with rubber grommets or addressing clogged vents and check valves. By taking proactive steps, you can minimize the noise and ensure your sump pump functions effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions For Sump Pump Making Noise Every Few Minutes

Why Is My Sump Pump Running Every 3 Minutes?

If your sump pump runs every 3 minutes, it may indicate a malfunction, high water table, or plumbing issue. Check for system faults or consult a professional for maintenance to avoid pump burnout. Regular monitoring and investigation are essential to address the underlying causes effectively.

How Often Should You Hear Your Sump Pump?

Your sump pump should run only when needed, but under steady demand, it should be able to pump out its pit in a few minutes. If you can hear your pump running for hours on end, you may need to investigate why it’s running before it burns out.

How Do You Know If Your Sump Pump Is Going Bad?

If your sump pump makes loud, unusual noises, like a washing machine or rattling, it might be going bad. Also, pay attention if it fails to turn on.

How Do You Fix A Noisy Sump Pump?

To fix a noisy sump pump, check for clogs and clean the vent hole. Place rubber grommets under the lid to reduce vibration noise. For loud, unusual noises, consider repairing the impeller or fan. Sump pumps made of PVC or plastic may generate more noise.


Sump pumps can make noise for various reasons, but it’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent potential damage. By examining the potential causes and implementing the recommended solutions, you can minimize the disruptive sounds and ensure the proper functioning of your sump pump.

Keep your sump pump running smoothly for a quieter, more peaceful environment.

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